US Deports Chinese Billionaire Over Straw Donations

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The United States is deporting a Chinese billionaire over election interference. What do we know about who he donated to and how?

Washington is striking back at Beijing following last year’s spy balloon incident. We take a look at the latest U.S. move taken on 37 Chinese entities found to have links to it.

The U.S. House Committee on China is investigating details of one university’s ties to a Chinese counterpart, with known links to the Chinese military.

Chinese diplomats are getting expelled from an Indo-Pacific neighbor. The Philippines is calling for immediate action against the Chinese embassy’s alleged “malign influence operations.” What’s behind the call to oust them?

00:00 Intro
01:06 U.S. Deports Chinese Billionaire Over Straw Donations
03:17 U.S. Bars 37 Chinese Firms for Spy Balloon Incident
04:33 Biden to Impose Tariffs on China EVs: Report
05:04 EU Lobby Group: More Tariffs on China Expected
06:03 Georgia Tech May Have Ties to China Research: Panel
07:08 China Seizure of TSMC Would Be ‘Devastating’: Raimondo
08:09 Philippines Calls for Expelling Chinese Diplomats
08:50 China Revealing 2016 Philippines Deal to Distract: Col.
11:38 Sens. Probe Threat from China-Russia Alignment

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