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Over 670 People Died in Massive Papua New Guinea Landslide, UN Estimates
EU Launches Anti-Dumping Investigation Into Chinese Imports of Key Amino Acid as Trade War Heats Up
Sydney Judge Says US Ex-fighter Pilot Accused of Training Chinese Aviators Can Be Extradited to US
At Least 27 People Killed in a Fire at an Amusement Park in Western India, Police Say
Former CIA Officer Pleads Guilty to Spying for the Chinese Regime
US ‘Deeply Concerned’ With China’s Military Drills in Taiwan Strait
CCP War Games Test Ability to ‘Seize Power’ in Taiwan
House Republicans Urge AG Garland to Charge CCP Operatives Repressing Dissidents Globally
IN-DEPTH: Macron’s Troubles: Are Beijing, Moscow Fanning Violent Unrest in the Pacific?

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Human Rights (Global)

Hong Kong activist collaborated with 3 overseas individuals to have Japanese sanctions imposed on city and China, Jimmy Lai trial told
NY Times Lacks Coverage of Falun Gong Persecution: Investigative Report | P1

Human Rights (Vietnam)

Tra Vinh Court Rejects Appeals of Two Khmer Krom Religious Activists
Political Prisoners in Vietnam Continue to Face Discrimination and Mistreatment
Iris Scans Required for Vietnam’s New ID Cards; Hanoi Dismisses UN Report on Human Rights Situation
Religion Bulletin – February 2024: The Two Northern Provinces Wiped Out The Ba Co Do and Duong Van Minh Religions
U.S. State Department Report Shows Sluggish Human Rights Improvement in Vietnam

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