Pitfalls, Waiting Stupidly, Hit-and-Run: China’s Surge in “Silly Cute” Autonomous Delivery Vehicles

This is a Meituan autonomous delivery vehicle, which looks somewhat “silly cute.” Don’t be fooled by its appearance; it understands traffic rules very well. It won’t run red lights and will yield to oncoming vehicles when crossing the street. However, it’s not always smart; if it encounters a traffic accident ahead, it will wait there until a staff member comes to handle it.
If your food delivery is delayed, it might be due to road construction. These delivery vehicles can often be seen lined up neatly at construction sites, waiting for the work to finish.
Describing it as “silly cute” is quite accurate. Even if there’s a big pit ahead, it will drive right into it. If an obstacle blocks its path, it will even seek help from pedestrians. This little car seems timid; if it suddenly hears a loud greeting, it might get startled and brake sharply. Usually, it is very cautious when changing lanes.
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