China’s Fake Gold Floods Market, Gold Prices Rise, Numerous Gold Scams Emerge

I’ve always thought that fixed-price gold was a rip-off, but I never imagined it could be this bad. It’s truly terrifying. So even if you’re as clueless as can be, never ever buy that kind of fixed-price gold from jewelry stores. Don’t do it. My husband wanted to surprise me before, so he bought me a bracelet, but he got swindled. This bracelet, worth over ten thousand yuan, only weighed 10.62 grams when I had it weighed today. Based on today’s price, it’s only worth over five thousand yuan. I even thought about selling it to buy a motorcycle, but forget about motorcycles, I couldn’t even afford the wheels! Losing that money, I could’ve bought two electric bikes instead. So, please, everyone, never buy fixed-price gold.
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