Hong Kong’s Peak Tram service suspended for third straight day due to fallen trees near tracks

Hong Kong’s Peak Tram service remained halted for a third consecutive day on Tuesday amid ongoing efforts to clear trees that fell on a slope near the railway tracks after heavy rain on Sunday.

Tourists arriving at The Peak Tram terminus in Central were left disappointed with the suspension of service, with some seeking refunds for their tickets.

Steven Zhang, a 31-year-old from Shenzhen who visited Hong Kong for a day trip with his wife, said their plans were disrupted by the bad weather.

“We hardly get a chance to travel, and now our plans are ruined by [the fallen trees] … It’s really unfortunate,” said Zhang, who works in the design industry. “It’s disappointing because coming here under such heavy rain is troublesome. They should have informed us not to purchase tickets if it was known that it would take so long to clear the trees.”

Zhang, who had bought the tickets earlier but did not seek a refund immediately at the tram office, said they might go to Mong Kok or Sham Shui Po instead.

As of Tuesday, The Peak Tram website was still running a notice stating that “clearance work of fallen trees on the slope by the relevant government departments remains in progress”.

“We expect Peak Tram service will be suspended most of the time,” the notice stated, adding that it would update when services resumed.

According to information released by the tram company earlier, several trees fell near the Barker Road station on Sunday.

Workers cut off branches of a fallen tree to clear the way for The Peak Tram. Photo: Elson Li

Amber rainstorm and thunderstorm warnings were issued in the morning but cancelled in the afternoon.

The city’s Observatory said lightning was detected in all districts, and severe squally thunderstorms were expected during the day.

Dozens of visitors affected by the service suspension hailed from various countries, including Poland, France and the Philippines.

Cruz Jobed, who travelled with his family of six from the Philippines, said they had to scramble to make alternative plans.

“It’s unfortunate that we can’t take the tram … it’s been exhausting travelling from our hotel in Central under this bad weather,” Jobed said. “Now we have to look for other alternatives at the last minute.”

Hong Kong told to brace for more wet weather in week ahead

Jobed said he and his family, who planned to stay in Hong Kong for seven days, was looking forward to enjoying the breeze and the views on The Peak on Tuesday.

A tourist from mainland China’s Jiangxi province said he was hoping to show his two sons the city where he had worked in years ago.

Sun said it was “truly regrettable” they could not take the tram up to the top.

“Although there are other ways to ascend The Peak, missing the tram ride feels like losing a unique part of the … experience,” he said.

Rain predicted for Hong Kong for most of week, Observatory says

Sun, who was planning to visit Wong Tai Sin or Sham Shui Po, also took a more positive view of the weather.

“The rain actually has its perks as there are fewer tourists, making the attractions less crowded.”

A staff member from The Peak Tram ticket office told the Post that it would be highly unlikely for service could resume on Tuesday and they were still awaiting further updates from the government.

While the tram service was suspended, visitors can still head to The Peak using buses, minibuses or taxis.



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