Hong Kong police investigate after viral video shows man leaping between MTR platforms

Hong Kong police have launched an investigation after a video went viral showing a man leaping between platforms at a railway station.

The six-second clip, with the caption “Jumping MTR Gap”, shows a man wearing a black T-shirt and shorts jumping over the train tracks at Fo Tan station.

The video had garnered 112,000 views on social media platform Instagram as of Tuesday afternoon, after being posted on Sunday.

Some commenters voiced their approval, but others warned that the man’s actions were dangerous and he could be arrested.

Police said they received a report from staff of the MTR Corporation on Monday night after the company’s surveillance footage showed a man at Fo Tan station hopping between platforms two and three of the East Rail line at 10.25pm on Saturday.

A screengrab shows a man jumping across platforms at Fo Tan station. Photo: Instagram

Two men in their twenties or thirties – one who jumped and the other who filmed him – were suspected to have breached MTR by-laws, police said.

The first part of the clip was filmed from one of the platforms, while the rest was from the perspective of the man jumping.

An investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made.

Hong Kong police arrest men who took ride on roof of Light Rail train

In a reply to the Post, the MTR Corp said it was cooperating with the police investigation after filing its report.

“The corporation would like to urge passengers to be considerate of themselves and others. They should not engage in any inappropriate behaviour that can endanger their personal safety,” he said.

“Such inappropriate behaviour may affect railway safety and train operations.”

Alleged Hong Kong rail roof riders given bail to consider pleas

The East Rail line is the only MTR service still without automatic platform screen gates to prevent commuters from falling onto the tracks.

The company said in May last year that it aimed to finish installing the gates by the end of 2025 with a contract worth about HK$510 million (US$65.1 million).

The project covers 13 stations, 35 platforms and almost 1,600 pairs of gates. Such gates have already been installed at the Hung Hom, Exhibition Centre and Admiralty stops.

Commuters have died or suffered injuries after falling onto the tracks over the years, with train services also disrupted.



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