You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide!

Where is Daniel Tran?

As the case of Lê Thanh Minh Tú moves through the U.S. court system, it has become apparent that those involved with defaming Minh Tú might be feeling the pressure.  From Inside Asia has learned that Nguyen Tien Dung (Daniel Tran) is trying to avoid being served.  In the U.S., once you are named in a law suit, a “process server” is used to deliver the lawsuit “complaint” to the defendant.  A process server is a person who physically hands the documents to the person named in the lawsuit.  The lawyers representing Minh Tú have attempted to service Mr. Tran four times, but have not been successful.  People have answered the door stating “Mr. Tran is not here.”, to no answer at his offices when the process server knocks. 

From Inside Asia would like to know why Mr. Tran is avoiding being served?  If he is indeed innocent, then he should show up to court, state his case, and get the case dismissed in his favor.  The fact that Mr. Tran is avoiding this lawsuit speaks volumes.  But fortunately there are legal remedies for Minh Tú when a situation like this arises.  Yes, it takes a bit more time, but in the U.S. judicial system, “You can run, but you can’t hide” is true.  In fact, Mr. Tran’s avoidance of being served really hints towards his “guilt” in this instance.  If he has done nothing wrong, then why hide?

Beware of Wolves Dressed Like Sheep

As this lawsuit has moves through the courts, it has taken several twists and turns.  Half way through the case, Minh Tú’s legal representative, Tammy Zitun, decided to walk away, and turn against Minh Tú.  From Inside Asia has no information as to why she would do this, but it has become apparent from her posts and comments that she has sided with Toán Trần, Daniel Tran, and all those who oppose this lawsuit. 

This also brings into question the character of “Lawyer Lan”. Lan was a vocal advocate for  the temple and Minh Tú while Lan was in Vietnam.  He would live stream often and was watched and respected by thousands of followers of his channel.  However, due to safety concerns for himself and his family he was forced to flee Vietnam, and ended up in the U.S. Once he arrived in the U.S., he was helped by several people to get housing, a car, furniture, and the basic necessities to live here in the U.S.  What’s more, is that the people who helped lawyer Lan  the most were followers of Nguyễn Ngọc Như Quỳnh also known as “Mother Mushroom”.  However, once the lawsuit of Minh Tú was filed, like Tammy Zitun, laywer Lan was nowhere to be seen or heard, except for Tammy Zitun rescinding her power of attorney for Tú. 


Where To From Here?

As the case of Minh Tú winds it’s way through the slow wheels of justice,  we have to stop and ask… Why do people enjoy seeing others hurt?  Why do we take pleasure in watching other people get destroyed?  What will you do when the mob comes for you?  Will you sit idly by and watch your life and reputation be ruined by a few who have nothing better to do than stream on YouTube? Will you let your life be destroyed so a few streamers can get “clicks”?  Minh Tú, an orphan, was raised by the elders of TABBTV.  Anyone who has not walked in Minh Tú’s shoes has absolutely no right to pass judgement on him. We must strive to do better!

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