Vietnamese YouTuber Cô Lan Flip-Flops Support for TABBVT

Why Vietnamese YouTuber's Lack Loyalty...

As we continue to follow the story of TABBTV, it has become quite evident that many vietnamese YouTubers and followers  lack a certain sense of loyalty.  This is quite evident with the case of Vietnamese YouTuber Cô Lan.  

Although her following is quite small in compared to other youtube channels, she tends to be one of the loudest.  There is a Vietnamese saying that “empty vessels make the loudest noise”.  You can see where I am going with these terms.  It does not matter how hard she beats her drum, her sound will be silenced by the truths of her past.  From Inside Asia has uncovered a video with Cô Lan singing the praises of Nguyễn Ngọc Như Quỳnh (Mother Mushroom).  

The Video is quite telling, and she sings that “Quỳnh is the first for them to follow”.  As she sings the song, she appears to be genuine in her conviction.

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However, unlike Quỳnh who lives in the United States, Cô Lan lives in Vietnam.  You then have to ask yourself, what other YouTuber is in Vietnam?  Anyone who has been following the story knows that the other outspoken critique of Quỳnh is Toán Trần. Mr. Trần and Ms. Lan view Quỳnh as an “outsider” who is “causing trouble”.  This could not be further from the truth.  The problem with  this argument is that Quỳnh enjoys the one thing that Mr. Trần and Ms. Lan do not.  That is the right to free speech.  Although Vietnam has come a long way in many of its reforms, there are some things that people living in vietname cannot say without fear of a knock on their door by the local police. In the U.S., the police would just laugh if someone tried to bring up something someone said and demanded that they (the police) take action.

People like Mr. Trần and Ms. Lan actually end up doing more damage to the vietnamese society as a whole because their oppinions do not hold anyone accountable.   Vietnamese people need to keep this in mind.  Mr. Trần and Ms. Lan say they support TABBVT, but to what extent?  It’s easy to say “We support the Zen Temple, please send us money”, but who is doing the real work?  Mr. Trần and Ms. Lan are doing nothing more than standing on the shoulders of Quỳnh, and saying “Look how great we are”.  They use their soapbox to harass, intimidate and curse Quỳnh and her followers.  

Which brings me back to my original question. Why do Vietnamese YouTuber’s lack loyalty?  It’s because It’s all about money.  They want what Quỳnh has.  Unfortunately, Mr. Trần and Ms. Lan only see the money.  99% of their videos talk about money, while Quỳnh talks about the issues.  Unfortunately, Quỳnh has now had to dedicate much of her time defending the attacks of Mr. Trần and Ms. Lan.  

From Inside Asia will continue uncovering the inner workings of the TABBVT and it’s followers.  Stay tuned for more!

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