US Tariff Increases on China Start Aug. 1 | China in Focus

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The new tariffs on Chinese imports will take effect on Aug. 1. U.S. officials say the tariffs address China’s unfair trade practices and protect the U.S. economy.

The Chinese regime is taking measures against 12 U.S. companies and their senior executives. Find out what they’re claiming and why.

A UK citizen found the dead body of a former Royal Marine who was charged with spying for China in a park near London just weeks after he was granted bail.

Is “lethal aid” being handed to Russia? Britain’s defense minister points the finger at China, alleging the country is supplying aid for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

00:00 Intro
00:59 U.S. Tariff Increases on China Start Aug. 1st
02:41 China Targets U.S. Military Suppliers
03:25 China Should Raise Car Tariffs: Researchers
04:03 Attacks on Water System ‘Makes Us Vulnerable’: Expert
07:41 Man Charged with Spying for China Found Dead in UK
08:22 UK: China Working to Supply Arms to Russia
09:17 Protests in Taiwan Over Bill to Boost Legislative Power
12:11 Chinese Citizen Reporter Released with Limited Freedom

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