TikTok Sues the US Government Over New Law | China In Focus

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TikTok is slapping the U.S. government with a lawsuit, as its Chinese owner battles to keep its control of the app and access to its 170 million American users.

Chinese regime leader Xi Jinping spends his second day in Europe. Wrapping up a meeting in France, he’s next headed to Serbia and Hungary. What’s drawing him there?

Beijing is lashing out after its jet dropped flares that Australia says could’ve downed a warplane.

Tens of thousands of UK troops are hit in a suspected Chinese hack on Britain’s armed forces payroll system.

00:00 Intro
01:10 TikTok Sues the U.S. Government Over New Law
02:54 Xi Meets Macron for 2nd Day, Departs to Serbia
04:11 French Senator: Xi Jinping ‘Wants to Isolate the U.S.’
06:58 China Accuses Australian Jet of ‘Provocative Move’
09:17 Germany Sends Two Warships to Indo-Pacific
10:02 UK Military Personnel Data Hit in Alleged China Hack
10:53 Europe Parliament Offices Searched: China Spying Probe
11:24 U.S., Philippines Repel Mock Foreign Invaders
12:15 S. Korea Eyes Joining Defense Deal with U.S., UK, Australia

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TikTok Sues the US Government Over New Law
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