Report Estimates China’s Military Budget at $700 Billion

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How much money does Beijing actually spend on its military? A new report reveals shocking estimates.

The Biden administration is sending a new signal to American businesses: “not to operate” in Xinjiang. That’s amid Washington’s efforts to press Beijing to stop human rights violations in the region.

In Georgia, a bill banning Chinese agents from buying land has become law. We take a look at other states that have taken the same step and why.

A highway collapse in southern China kills at least 24 people. We look at what we know so far, and footage of the harrowing moment.

00:00 Intro
01:02 Report Estimates China’s Military Budget: $700 Billion
03:47 China’s Largest Aircraft Carrier Starts Sea Trial
04:11 Hearing on China’s Money Laundering, Fentanyl Flow
06:19 U.S. Urges Companies Not to Operate in Xinjiang
08:02 Biden Signs Memo to Up Critical Infrastructure Security
08:51 Poll: Most Americans See TikTok as Influence Tool
09:35 GA Gov. Signs Bill to Bar Land Sales to Some Chinese
10:49 Schweizer: CCP ‘Partners’ of Drug Cartels
13:57 China Highway Collapses After Rain, Kills at Least 24
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