Rep. Gallagher Indicates He Received Death Threats | China In Focus

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Top House China hawk Mike Gallagher is stepping down from Congress. Alongside his departure, he’s hinting at “death threats” and SWAT visits, which he says his family didn’t sign up for.
FBI Director Christopher Wray says Chinese hackers are preparing to attack U.S. infrastructure. We have the details on his serious warning.
The Chinese regime is rolling out a new military force designed to handle network info systems. What does the branch mean for China’s cyber warfare with the West?
U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is accusing China of being the “primary contributor” to Moscow’s war in Ukraine through providing Russia with critical parts for weapons.

0:00 Intro
01:20 FBI: Chinese Hackers Poised to Hit U.S. Infrastructure
03:47 Rep. Gallagher Indicates He Received Death Threats
04:48 Chinese Embassy Reportedly Lobbies Against TikTok Bill
06:05 Burchett on CCP Financial Interest in TikTok
08:16 Europe Wants Answers About New App TikTok Lite
08:50 China Launches New Army Branch Focused on Modernization
10:02 Blinken: China ‘Primary Contributor’ to Russia Military
11:31 U.S., UK Issue New Sanctions on Iran
12:10 Wall St. Sent Billions to Blacklisted China Firms: Report
13:04 Apple Pulls 2 Apps from China Storefront After Order
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