Pew Report: 8 in 10 Americans Hold Unfavourable View of China

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American sentiment toward China has plunged to its lowest point in years. A recent survey shows over 80 percent of Americans have an unfavorable view of communist China.

One more Chinese app is under scrutiny: Temu is an online mega-shopping platform from China, and 70 million Americans are using it. But are their personal data safe?

The State Department is urging China and Russia to make a declaration about nuclear weapons. Find out how artificial intelligence is involved.

The death toll jumps to 48 after a deadly highway collapse in southern China. A report shows the highway had just passed a safety check. We have reactions from locals.

Pew Report: 4 in 10 Americans See China as an Enemy
Report: Temu Owner Could Share Data with Chinese Agency
China, Russia Urged to Declare Nuclear Arms Free of AI
Chinese Firms Sanctioned for Aiding Russia
White House: Russia Ships Fuel to N. Korea Against United Nations Cap
Analyzing Europe’s Trade Relationship with China
Philippines Summons China Envoy Over Sea Standoff
Shell Oil Company Leaves China’s Power Markets
China Highway Collapse Kills at Least 48: Update
China’s Social Media Monitoring Law in Effect
Most Americans Believe TikTok Can Shape U.S. Opinions
Miners Call for 25% Chinese Graphite Tariff
Solomon Islands Picks China Ally as New Leader

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