Overseas ‘Little Pinks’ Strongly Resisted; Democratic Activists Step Up: One Deadly Path Serving CCP

This video has gone viral online and topped the headlines of major news media; on April 20th, Harvard Kennedy School’s Greater China Society hosted the “2024 China Forum,” inviting the Chinese Ambassador to the U.S., Xie Feng, to speak. During the event, two women and one man in the audience stood up, holding up banners accusing the CCP of lying, and shouting slogans calling attention to human rights issues in Tibet, Xinjiang, and freedom and democracy in Hong Kong, causing considerable embarrassment for Xie Feng. The video shows the first protester, a Taiwanese female student, being violently dragged away by a young Chinese man. After this man and the security personnel outside removed the female student, the other two protesters were not subjected to such rough treatment.
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