Following The Money: Thien Am Ben Bo Vu Tru (TABBVT) ** UPDATE **


By Phạm Văn Hải

When I first started working on this story, I was amazed how vindictive people on YouTube were.  I call it “toxic fandom”.  They are fans and followers  that believe things just because a YouTuber says them.  TOÁN TRẦN  is one such YouTuber who derives much of his following for being a “Toxic Influencer”.  Trust me, when I say I use the term “Influencer” very loosely. 

He gains notoriety by using inflamatory rhetoric to simply gain clicks.  In his most recent attack, he accused a fellow YouTuber of having H.I.V.  What makes this particularily disturbing is that although he supposedly supports TABBVT, you have to question why he would directly attack on of its members.  The reason? “Clicks” and money.

You see, if TOÁN TRẦN was actually a righteous person, he would not have to use personal attacks and smear campaigns to champion his cause.  How does a “family man” lower himself to such standards? What is particuliarly interesting is how many women in the U.S. are defending him (and of course, sending him money). 

I was raised on the saying “Show me your friends and I will tell you what kind of person you are”. This can also be said for the type of people on YouTube and the people they follow.  Accusing someone of having HIV is probably one of the sickest and most perverse comments anyone could make about another.  But these types of comments are just the norm for TOÁN TRẦN. He obviously lacks any moral convicitions.  Again, he is all about the clicks and followers of his youtube channel.

TOÁN TRẦN is like a car accident.  You slow down and watch to see what happened, or in his case, what he is going to say next. We at FIA do not support such toxic youtubers.  In fact, it has become one of our priorities to expose the hypocrisy and lies of YouTubers like TOÁN TRẦN.  We call on TOÁN TRẦN to show us the receipts.  Show the accounting of where the money he collected has gone.  But of course, we know he will never do this.  We know because we know that when people are called out, they resort to name calling, disrespectful comments, and false accusations (fake news).  Come on Mr. TRẦN… Show us the receipts! We are waiting.



We at From Inside Asia, have take a particuliar interest in the Thien Am Ben Bo Vu Tru temple.  The list of bad actors continues to grow.

Most recently a YouTuber who has the YouTube channel “TOÁN TRẦN official” has come to light. TOÁN TRẦN is a Vietnamese Youtuber who supports Thien Am Ben Bo Vu Tru. He has gained fame and garnered support from many fans of TABBVT.

What Did He do?

While TABBVT is currently under investigation for fraud, TOÁN TRẦN is also implicated. The police are focusing on TOÁN because he received a significant amount of money from the public and transferred it to TABBVT. His arrest and charges can be found at the following link

Supported by fans of TABBVT, TOÁN TRẦN defames anyone questioning his volunteer activities, using funds contributed by others. The latest incident involves defaming Karen Chong, a U.S. resident who supported Thien Am. She provided evidence that TOÁN TRẦN Toan received $200 from her but kept $100 for himself, contrary to her wish to contribute to the temple and help poor women.

TOÁN TRẦN, a YouTuber, is among those who defamed Mothermushroom to gain personal benefits from the defamation lawsuit in Houston. TOÁN TRẦN accused Quynh Nguyen of soliciting $25,000 from donors without providing any evidence.

Mr. TRẦN has gained the reputation of charming overseas donors out of money on behalf of his humanitarian efforts.  From Inside Asia has learned through various sources that these efforts have scammed several donors out of their money. Also, he called upon his followers to help him out of his legal troubles with the local police.  

Vietnam’s Article 331 of the penal code is quite clear “Any person who abuses the freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom of association, and other democratic freedoms to infringe upon the interests of the State, lawful rights, and interests of organizations and/or citizens shall receive a warning or face a penalty of up to 3 years of community sentence or 6 – 36 months in prison.”  

From Inside Asia will continue to follow and expose those who attempt to scam, defraud, or take advantage of a situation for personal gain.  

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