EV Tariffs Rise 100%, China’s Exports Finished: Massive Unsold Goods Pile at Ports

Belgium’s largest port, the Port of Bruges, now has 365,000 parking spaces filled with imported cars, mostly electric vehicles from China. One of the world’s largest car ports, Germany’s Bremerhaven Port, is forced to swallow thousands of Chinese electric cars at a time, leaving no room for German cars to be exported. Some Chinese vehicles have been stored for as long as 18 months, becoming international automotive refugees. Despite this, roll-on/roll-off ships loaded with Chinese brands like BYD, Great Wall, Chery, and SAIC continue to pass through the Cape of Good Hope into the Atlantic, streaming towards Europe and causing great concern among Western nations. Unexpectedly, the EU has not yet acted, but the United States has taken the lead in effectively sealing the fate of Chinese new energy vehicles.
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