Counterfeit Disneyland, Dubbed ‘Pauper’s Paradise,’ Explodes in China, Average Spend Under $6

The world is so crazy. A seesaw called “Chengdu Disney” has become popular. It is no exaggeration to say that the economic value it has created for Chengdu in these two days is likely to be higher than that of Shanghai Disney. What started this was that a rapper called Nomi was unwilling to be eliminated from a talent show, so he recorded an abstract rap MV to respond to his mentor Xie Di. One part of the video was recorded on this seesaw. It sounded very much like “I Want Disney” and it immediately became popular on the Internet. Many young people rushed here to check in and sang loudly during the check-in process, making the surrounding residents miserable. I thought that the relevant departments in Chengdu would immediately stop it, but I didn’t expect that they would lean into it instead. They not only set up entrances and exits in the community, they also organized a large number of volunteers to maintain order, and even provided tour guides. Now you can search it on the map. Some people think that this is a waste of public resources, and a disturbance. But if you look at it from the perspective of the Chengdu Culture and Tourism Bureau, the seesaw’s ability to attract money is comparable to Disney, and the number of people who have tried it is greater than those who drive the Xiaomi SU7. And there are no safety risks. It is certain that it will disturb people, but local residents can only tolerate it for the time being. After all, everyone is responsible for Chengdu’s GDP.
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