China Pumps Billions to Save Ailing Property Sector | China in Focus

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China is doubling down on saving its slumping real estate sector, asking debt-ridden local governments to buy homes that are yet to be sold. One big question remains: where is the money coming from?

Russian President Vladimir Putin is wrapping up his trip to China Friday. We have more on what the White House says about Beijing and Moscow’s closer ties, plus what former President Donald Trump says about the pair.

Taiwan has reported a round of China-linked cyberattacks targeting government websites. The onslaught is happening just as the island’s new president-elect is set to take the helm next week.

President Joe Biden will dispatch a special delegation to Taiwan as its new president takes office next Monday. The group consists of former U.S. officials and will visit Taipei “to represent the American people.”

00:00 Intro
01:08 China Pumps Billions to Save Ailing Property Sector
02:44 China’s Action Can’t Save the Property Sector: Expert
03:42 China’s Henan Government Announces Mass Layoffs
4:12 U.S.: Beijing Can’t Please Both Moscow and the EU
06:57 Social Media Utilize Tech for Their Benefits: Lee
10:26 Report: Microsoft Asks Some China Staff to Relocate
11:30 China Ramps Up Attack on Taiwan’s Government Sites: Report
12:17 U.S. Unofficial Delegation to Taiwan Tests China Ties
13:53 Australian Lawmakers to Attend Taiwan President’s Inauguration

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