China Lifts Major Restriction Following Musk’s Visit | China In Focus

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Elon Musk made a surprise visit to China. Can Tesla take a bigger bite out of the China pie, after Mr. Musk’s meeting with top officials?
Beijing is hinting at potential retaliation against Washington after the White House approved military aid to Taiwan and a bill that could force TikTok to divest from its Chinese parent company if it wants to stay on U.S. app stores.
The man overseeing U.S. forces in the West Pacific is sending a serious warning about China. What’s his biggest concern before handing the reins to his successor?
Extreme weather batters China with hail and heavy snow over the weekend. Plus, we take a look at footage of the devastation left behind by a deadly tornado.

00:00 Intro
01:05 China Lifts Major Restriction Following Musk’s Visit
03:31 Tesla ‘Dependent’ on China Market: Expert
06:59 China Hints at Retaliation Against Tiktok Divestment
08:13 TikTok Faces Restriction Across the Globe
09:11 CCP Military near Taiwan After Blinken Leaves Beijing
10:07 U.S. Commander: China Using “Boiling Frog” Strategy
11:46 China’s Xi to Visit Europe Amid Tensions
12:27 Extreme Weather Strikes Areas Across China: Video
13:30 Medical Practitioner: COVID-19 Seen as ‘Cold’ Amid Deaths
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