Burglar caught on camera stealing HK$53,000 from Hong Kong barbecue shop

A burglar was caught on camera stealing more than HK$53,000 from a barbecue outlet that had closed for the night in a busy Hong Kong shopping district.

The 30-year-old store operator reported the burglary to police after he returned to the shop on Jardine’s Crescent in Causeway Bay around 1pm on Sunday.

The main door was broken and there were signs of ransacking inside. The man later confirmed HK$53,530 in cash had been stolen. A locker was also broken into.

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Footage from the shop’s security camera showed a man with a bag over his head and equipped with a hammer and screwdriver entering the shop around 12.54am.

He walked straight to the cash drawer, disconnected the wires connecting it to the screen, before grabbing it and removing it

The incident was being investigated as a burglary.

Police said they were looking for a suspect of medium build who was wearing a light-coloured top, pants and shoes.

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The operator said cash was often kept at hand in the shop, which sold grilled food sewers, to pay for supplies and cover staff wages.

He said he believed it was an inside job as the burglar showed skill and familiarity with the shop’s layout, finishing the job within five minutes after making straight for the cash drawer. He described the burglary as an unfortunate event.

A police investigation team from Wan Chai district is handling the case.



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