Biden Signs Foreign Aid, TikTok Bills | China In Focus

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President Joe Biden inks the TikTok divestment bill into law. Will the app sever ties with its Chinese parent or risk being ousted from U.S. app stores?
U.S. prosecutors want the founder of a crypto exchange giant to serve three years in prison. The Chinese-born businessman pleaded guilty to breaking money laundering laws.
Rooting out spies, raiding Chinese firms, and launching a probe—the European Union is launching a series of moves aimed at China, just ahead of the Chinese leader’s first visit to Europe in five years.
Germany arrests an EU Parliament staff member on suspicion of spying for China, taking the tally of alleged Chinese spies arrested in Europe recently to six.

00:00 Intro
01:00 Biden Signs Foreign Aid, TikTok Bills
03:52 Biden Signed the TikTok Bill into Law, What’s Next?
06:07 How China Factors into Every Part of the $95B Aid
08:51 FBI Chief Warns About TikTok Risks
09:41 Trump Hosts Former Japanese Prime Minister in New York
10:49 EU Probes Fair Access to China’s Medical Device Market
12:12 U.S. Seeks three Years Jail for Binance Founder Zhao
13:05 EU Parliament Aide Arrested for Spying for China
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