Beijing Auto Show Filled With Junk Brands: China’s EV Market Enters Survival Battle With 200 Makers

The next car company to go bankrupt may be right here on this lavish exhibition stage. You should feel it; these days, information related to the auto show inundates your phone screen at every moment. Global media rush to and fro between the booths of major brands. However, behind this bustling scene, for many manufacturers, this is their last time participating in the Beijing Auto Show. It’s a life-and-death situation for hundreds of automotive brands. Despite Chinese brands reaching a historically high market share of 59.8% domestically, it hasn’t turned their losses into profits. On the contrary, companies like WM Motor and CHJ Automotive have become fixtures at the Beijing Auto Show. Before the auto show, the price reductions from Tesla and NIO carried a sense of foreboding. 4S dealerships have long been at war, and the surface calm cannot conceal the market’s intense competition.
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