Xi’s Family Has $700 Million? CCP’s ‘Some Get Rich First’ a Joke; Jiang’s Clan Grabbed $1 Trillion

Lately, international media has been buzzing with rumors like, “The Xi family has $700 million dollars?!” If that video was just saw is to be believed, I think he totally missed the mark. This could be a bombshell international news story. If the wealth of the CCP’s top brass in the US or other countries is exposed, it will definitely be reported back to China, causing a tsunami-like shock among the CCP’s officials and the public.
Anyone interested in China overseas is talking about this, but its radio silence in Mainland. You can’t even find the keyword “Xi family has $700 million” on Chinese Tiktok. It seems the Great Firewall is still serving its purpose with great affect, helping the CCP hide the ugly truth about itself and its leadership.
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