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At least $3 billion in U.S. capital was allegedly funneled to advance China’s military buildup.
Under pressure from lawmakers, a U.S. energy firm is withdrawing products made by tech company CATL as concern mounts over the company’s ties to the Chinese regime.
A group of lawmakers takes aim at TikTok’s Chinese parent company, pushing to add it to the U.S. export control list and safeguard American data.
Millions of dollars in false eyelashes from North Korea are pouring into Western markets—but as beauty products labeled “made in China.” An investigation delves in.

00:00 Intro
00:58 Report: U.S. Money Boosted Chinese Military Buildup
03:12 U.S. Financial Response to China Isn’t Enough: Sekora
06:32 Duke Energy to Remove China-Made Batteries
07:44 Lawmakers Push to To Blacklist TikTok Parent Company
08:40 U.S., Philippines Hold Joint Drill in S. China Sea
09:18 China Warns Philippines Over Military Base near Taiwan
09:48 U.S., Australia, Japan Hold Joint Drills, Anger CCP
11:01 North Korean Eyelashes Make Their Way to the West
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