Thai woman scalds pregnant pet husky with hot water for ‘stealing’, sparks online outrage

A woman in Thailand who poured searing hot water on her pregnant pet husky dog – allegedly because it stole some snacks – has sparked a wave of public anger.

A video posted on June 4 shows a woman in a bathroom throwing a small empty plastic container on the floor, questioning the dog about eating the food inside, and then pouring hot water on the animal.

The dog howls in pain and struggles desperately, eventually breaking free from the leash tied to the toilet paper holder and hiding behind the bathroom door.

The woman’s Facebook profile identifies her as Nuttaya Witsupa, the owner of the husky. Her photos indicate that she owns four of the breed in total.

While Nuttaya admitted to pouring hot water on the dog, she denied it was because the dog stole snacks but did not provide an alternative explanation for her actions.

Video footage shows the terrified dog as the woman prepares to scald it with boiling water. Photo: Facebook

“Muay Lek has been my pet dog since she was 45 days old.

“She has been causing damage and creating chaos in the house as puppies do,” said Nuttaya.

The woman added that she is not the kind of person who would punish her dog for stealing snacks.

The incident took place on May 17, according to PPTV HD 36, a Thai TV channel.

Nuttaya recorded this video and sent it to her boyfriend, who found a new owner to adopt the dog the next day.

The new owner took it to a vet for treatment and changed its name from Muay Lek to Lek.

The vet said the husky was pregnant and that she and the pups she was carrying were safe, adding that the wounds on Lek’s body would heal over time.

On June 7, the new owners, a married couple who operate a restaurant in Nong Bua Lamphu in northeastern Thailand, announced on Facebook that Lek had successfully delivered three healthy puppies.

Subsequent Facebook posts also reveal that the dog has forged a friendship with a two-month-old bulldog.

The incident sparked outrage on social media and within local animal protection organisations. The previous owner (woman above) is seen at a local police station while Lek relaxes in her new home. Photo: Facebook

This abuse incident sparked outrage on social media and among local animal protection organisations.

“This is too cruel, even if the dog did something wrong, you shouldn’t hurt its body to punish it,” one online observer wrote on Facebook.

“I really feel sad for the dog who has to suffer the consequences of its owner’s actions,” said another.

On June 5, the SOS Animal Thailand announced on Facebook that they had reported Nuttaya for animal abuse to the local police.

In Thailand, people who abuse animals can face fines or up to two years in prison.

The scalded pet has been treated for its injuries and is now with a new owner. Photo: Facebook

The Watchdog Thailand Foundation also requested that Nuttaya be banned from keeping pets and her remaining animals be transferred to their care.

Nuttaya issued an apology on Facebook on the same day.

She said she felt guilty for pouring hot water on the husky and was willing to take responsibility, face criticism for her wrongdoing and accept any legal proceedings.

She also admitted that she could not properly manage her emotions and said did not know the dog was pregnant.

“I request that any criticism remains within the boundaries I have set and does not affect third parties, my family, or my friends on Facebook,” she added.



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