Putin Visits NK, NK Troops Cross Again, SK Fires Warning. Japan, France, US Intensify Hits on China

The news of expanding military cooperation between Russia and North Korea has caused global unease. World leaders have expressed that this will deteriorate the security environment in the Indo-Pacific region and have strongly condemned it. Simultaneously, several measures were announced to counter Putin’s aggression.
New Zealand’s Foreign Minister Christopher Luxon, who is currently visiting Japan, and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida were the first to issue a joint statement with “strong wording,” condemning the increasing military cooperation between North Korea and Russia, including North Korea’s supply of ballistic missiles to Russia for attacking Ukraine.
In the face of threats from China, North Korea, and Russia, Japan has been accelerating military construction and expanding its defense partnerships.
On the 21st, the South Korean government summoned Russian Ambassador Georgiy Zinoviev to protest the joint defense agreement announced between Russia and North Korea by Putin and Kim Jong-un. The South Korean government stated it would consider providing weapons to Ukraine to counter Russia’s invasion.
The White House announced a suspension of air defense missile deliveries to allies to prioritize providing them to Ukraine to replenish the stocks of the war-torn country.
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