Passengers evacuated from Hong Kong MTR train after air conditioning malfunction

Passengers were evacuated from an MTR train heading to Hong Kong’s Kennedy Town from North Point after an air conditioning unit released an odd smell and sparks on Tuesday morning.

Police received a report of the incident that took place on an MTR train compartment on the Island Line at 6.47am.

The rail operator stopped the train at North Point station and instructed all passengers to disembark, the force said.

No injuries have been reported.

The train was subsequently moved to Admiralty station for inspection.

A MTR spokesman said rail staff boarded the train at North Point station after a passenger noticed the smell and a small spark and pressed the emergency button.

“As a safety precaution, the operations control centre arranged for passengers to disembark at North Point station and transfer to the next train to continue their journey,” he said. “The service on the Island Line was only mildly affected.”

Preliminary findings indicated a malfunction in the air conditioning system’s electronic components, he said, adding the train was then arranged to return to the depot for a detailed examination to determine the cause of the incident.



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