Mexican Cartels Work With Chinese Money in LA to Launder $50 Million | China in Focus

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A new indictment reveals the inner workings of a criminal network. How do Chinese money exchanges in the United States help Mexican cartels launder tens of millions of dollars using assets from China’s ultra-wealthy? We unpack the connection.

A key nation along the route to the United States for illegal Chinese immigrants is canceling a key, visa-free entry policy. What is Ecuador saying about its policy change?

A group of U.S. lawmakers met with Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader in India. They said they won’t allow China to influence the choice of his successor.
U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken joined an emergency call with the Philippine foreign secretary to discuss China’s latest actions in the South China Sea—actions that Manila and Washington say are escalating.

00:00 Intro
01:18 Mexican Cartels Work with Chinese Money in LA to Launder $50M
03:47 Ecuador to Halt Visa-Free Entry for Chinese Citizens
04:53 U.S. Lawmakers Back Dalai Lama Amid Beijing’s Anger
06:17 Why U.S. Lawmakers’ Visit to India Is Upsetting China
07:49 ‘Systemic Attack’ by CCP: Expert on Chinese Triads
11:55 U.S. Approves $360M Arms Sale to Taiwan
12:37 Blinken Speaks with Philippine Counterpart About China

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