Male nurse at Hong Kong mental hospital suspended after allegedly slapping and punching patient

A male nurse at a Hong Kong mental hospital has been suspended after allegedly slapping and punching a patient.

The male patient, 22, who is severely mentally disabled, had been in Kwai Chung Hospital in Lai King since last year, a police source said on Wednesday.

The nurse, 61, was said to have shouted at the patient on Tuesday before slapping and punching him on the left cheek and hitting his upper body with his right fist. A doctor witnessed the incident.

The nurse also allegedly pushed the patient against a wall.

The doctor immediately called police, who took the nurse into custody.

During questioning, the nurse remained silent, the force insider said.

Patient arrested in Hong Kong ward after nursing student allegedly molested

A Hospital Authority spokesman expressed deep concern over the incident. He said the hospital promptly arranged for the patient to be transferred to nearby Princess Margaret Hospital for examination. The patient’s condition was reported as stable.

The hospital also reported the case to police and the authority’s head office.

“The hospital will fully cooperate with the police in the investigation. The staff member involved in the incident has been suspended from duty with immediate effect,” he said.

The hospital has also contacted the patient’s family to provide support.

The authority stressed that it would not tolerate any behaviour that jeopardised patient safety.

In November 2022, a male and a female nurse at Caritas Medical Centre in Cheung Sha Wan, another hospital under the authority, were arrested for allegedly assaulting two patients.



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