Hunter Biden’s Former Associate: President Biden Met With Head of CEFC | China In Focus

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President Joe Biden reportedly met with a Chinese energy typhoon in Washington back in 2017. His firm reportedly paid Hunter Biden millions of dollars.
Partnering with Pfizer and other big U.S. labs, another Chinese biotech firm is catching the eye of American lawmakers. We take a look at why officials say it should be sanctioned.
Inside a Chinese Communist party event, high-level officials mingled with bodyguards for the Chinese leader in an unusual video.
One of the world’s largest index providers is purging dozens of Chinese stocks from its portfolio. Meanwhile, India’s weight is on the rise.

00:00 Intro
00:59 Hunter’s Former Associate: Biden Met with Head of CEFC
04:02 ‘Biden Was the Brand Being Sold’: Testimony
05:05 Biden Faces Bipartisan Backlash Over TikTok Entrance
06:01 Lawmakers Call for Sanctions on Chinese Biotech Firm
07:14 Bodyguards for Chinese Leader Spotted at Insider Party
08:14 Beijing Slams Proposed EU Trade Curbs on China Firms
09:30 Senate Passes $95 Billion Aid for Ukraine, Israel
10:32 MSCI to Purge Dozens of China Firms from Indexes
11:15 India’s MSCI Weightage to Catch Up to China’s
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