How much debt can overseas creditors recover? Evergrande left behind 1.62 million rotten-tailed

The liquidation of Evergrande, ordered by a Hong Kong court on January 29, 2024, has created a sensation around the world. Once a Fortune 500 global player, the real estate development giant is at the center of an unprecedented crisis in Chinese real estate. It’s like the death knell for the entire Chinese real estate industry.
The Evergrande Group is headquartered in Shenzhen, listed in Hong Kong, and has borrowed debt from everywhere in the world. Of its total debt of $300 billion, the overseas bonds are about $19 billion. It’s basically all US debt. How much debt can overseas creditors recover? What are the main challenges? In this episode, we explore these questions and analyze the knock-on effects of Evergrande’s liquidation on China’s capital and real estate markets.

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