Hosepipe bursts at Hong Kong’s Kai Tak MTR station, causing minor flooding

A fire hosepipe burst at Hong Kong’s Kai Tak MTR railway station on Friday night, causing minor flooding on the platform level while train operations continued as usual.

Internet footage showed a jet of water gushing out from a fire hosepipe slot at the concourse area behind a row of turnstiles.

Passengers were seen tiptoeing on stairs inside the station leading to the platform.

Two other clips showed water flowing down the stairs to the platform level below, where there was also a major leak in the ceiling.

Passengers continued their commute despite the flooding, according to the footage. The flooded areas were later cordoned off by sandbags and plastic tape.

The MTR Corporation confirmed that the fire hosepipe near exit A at Kai Tak station concourse burst at 10.12pm.

It said the “leakage” was resolved quickly after maintenance staff turned off the water supply. Nearby turnstiles were also shut down to keep passengers away.

“We preliminarily believe it was a problem with the hosepipe, and will continue to monitor the situation while arranging appropriate repairs,” MTR said in a statement. “Train operations were not affected.”

The Kai Tak station, located on the former site of the old airport, opened in February 2020 and is among the city’s newest train stations serving a largely residential neighbourhood.

The station will also be one of two serving the Kai Tak Sports Park when the venue opens next year.



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