Hong Kong Observatory issues second amber rainstorm warning this week

The Hong Kong Observatory issued its second amber rainstorm warning this week on Saturday night, with occasional showers and thunderstorms expected in the coming days.

The warning follows the first one issued this year on Thursday and indicates heavy rain has fallen or is expected to fall generally over the city, exceeding 30 millimetres in an hour, and is likely to continue.

“There will be flooding in some low-lying and poorly drained areas. People who are likely to be affected should take necessary precautions to reduce their exposure to risk posed by the heavy rain and flooding,” the Observatory said upon issuing the warning at 7.35pm.

The amber rainstorm warning lasted about 3 hours, ending at 10.30pm.

It noted that the weather would mainly be cloudy with occasional showers and squally thunderstorms during Saturday evening and Sunday, with the temperature ranging between 24 and 29 degrees Celsius on Sunday.

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“A trough of low pressure will affect the coastal areas of Guangdong in the next couple of days. Showers will be heavy at times with squally thunderstorms over the region,” the Observatory said. “With the trough of low pressure weakening gradually, there will be fewer showers over the coast of Guangdong midweek next week.”

The forecaster said southern China would be affected by a trough of low pressure again in the latter part of next week, with thundery showers expected in the region.

Temperatures in the city for the coming nine days are expected to range between 24 and 31 degrees.



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