Former Apple Engineer Sentenced to 4 Months in Prison | China In Focus

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A Chinese engineer was sentenced to four months behind bars for stealing Apple’s trade secrets. Find out what he lifted before he tried to flee back to China.
China’s increasing buildout of weapons inside critical American infrastructure is poised to attack anytime Beijing decides the time is right. The FBI director gives a warning.
Get ready to dive into China’s latest craze: the “Lying Flat” lifestyle. Why are more young people choosing to put work on the back burner? Meet Chu Yi and uncover why she’s part of the rising trend.
Looking at China’s economic performance, its real GDP for 2023 should be below 1 percent, an analysis says. Some estimates even give negative numbers. We talk to an expert on China’s economy.

00:00 Intro
01:04 Ex-Apple Engineer Sentenced to Four Months in Prison
03:37 FBI Director Warns About Cyber Attacks from China
05:30 Social Media an ‘Information Trafficking Business’: Lee
10:05 Pacific Island Nations Anxious Over Delayed U.S. Funds
13:14 Chinese Youth Spurn Corporate Jobs for “Me Time”
15:00 Frank Xie: China’s Gdp May Have Gone Negative
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