Fearless China boy runs back into burning home four times to save semi-conscious father and terrified grandmother, hailed as hero online

Fearless China boy runs back into burning home four times to save semi-conscious father and terrified grandmother, hailed as hero online

A young boy in China has been hailed as a hero after he returned to his burning home four times to save his semi-conscious father and terrified grandmother.

The boy, from Henan province in central China, identified by the pseudonym Yangyang whose age is unknown, remained calm when fire ripped through his home in the early hours of January 21.

He called the police before rushing back inside the burning house, according to iWeekly.

A video filmed by his aunt, surnamed Cui, shows Yangyang’s smoke-blackened face and hands as his grandmother, with burned hair, cries nearby.

“Were you scared of the fire?” Cui asks Yangyang, to which the boy replies: “No.”

The youngster and his tearful grandmother were captured on video after the brave boy pulled her out of their blazing home. Photo: Douyin

The cause of the blaze remains unclear, but Yangyang said he was woken by his father calling for help from his bedroom. When he arrived, he found his father was semi-conscious and unable to move.

Yangyang ran to his grandmother’s room to wake her up, and they moved the father to the living room together.

Thinking his father and grandmother were safe, Yangyang ran out of the home to call the fire department. When he hung up the phone, he realised they had not followed him out of the burning building.

“The living room was full of dense smoke,” Cui told iWeekly.

The boy rushed back into the living room, checked that his father was alive, and pulled his frightened grandmother out of the house. Then, he circled back to save his father.

Due to the dense smoke and flames, Yangyang had to return four times before he got his semi-conscious father to safety.

“My nephew is very kind-hearted and brave,” said Cui.

The boy’s bravey won widespread plaudits on mainland social media.

“This child is the family’s saviour,” said one online observer.

Another said: “He is not afraid of the fire, but is more scared to lose his father and grandmother.”

Stories of bravery involving youngsters always make headlines in China.

In July 2022, a nine-year-old boy in eastern China was praised for his quick thinking when he performed CPR he learned from TV on his mother after a car accident.

The family home in central China was left ravaged by the effects of thick smoke and flames. Photo: Douyin

The same year, a sharp-eyed 10-year-old girl in northern China discovered a banknote with a desperate plea for help written on it.

Her actions helped police rescue 11 people held prisoner by criminals who had been forced to work for an illegal business.



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