Famous China influencer tells millions of fans she wants to adopt abandoned baby girl she saw on news report as sister for 3 boys

Famous China influencer tells millions of fans she wants to adopt abandoned baby girl she saw on news report as sister for 3 boys

An online influencer and mother of three boys in China has made an impassioned plea to adopt an abandoned baby girl she saw on a news report, sparking a heated discussion on mainland social media.

The 33-year-old, who uses the nickname, Rainbow Couple, because she involves her husband in her work , is from Sichuan province in the southwest of the country.

She posted a video for her 12 million followers, asking for help to adopt the four-month-old child.

“Sisters, please help me,” she pleads in the video.

The baby girl was found abandoned on the street with a note attached to her explaining that her birth parents could not afford to raise her. Photo: Douyin

Rainbow Couple, who makes 104 million yuan (US$15 million) a year, says her family supports her decision.

She had seen a news report about the child being found abandoned on the street by a passer-by on January 5, with a note attached to her.

“I cannot afford to raise a child because of family misfortune, so I leave my little daughter here in the hope someone will be willing to bring her up. My family and I are grateful,” the note said.

With the help of the police, the baby was placed in a welfare institution that is seeking a family to adopt her.

The moment Rainbow Couple saw the child on the news, she says she felt an immediate emotional connection.

“Hoping to adopt her is not acting on impulse or an attempt to attract internet traffic,” she said, explaining that she already has three sons who were born by caesarean section so she cannot have any more children naturally.

“I really want a daughter,” she says in the video.

She hopes someone who sees her video will let the institution know she wants to adopt the little girl.

“Please help me. I will make her very happy,” she pleads.

Rainbow Couple says she is convinced her loving family, which includes her husband, three sons, grandparents, uncles and aunties, could give the baby the love she deserves.

She added that her family could also hire nanny to help look after the girl.

“Please trust me. I’m really capable of giving her a happy life,” she begs.

A member of staff at the institution said many families have registered their interest in adopting the abandoned baby.

“If her parents don’t come for her in two months, we will begin to screen the potential families,” the employee said.

The story quickly went viral on mainland social media, receiving mixed reactions.

Influencer Rainbow Couple says she felt an instant connection when she saw the little girl and is convinced she can give her the love she deserves. Photo: Douyin

“It’s so wonderful that you are offering her such a good future,” one person said.

“Hope you can make it happen,” said another.

However, another online observer said: “Do you know you’re depriving infertile couples from having a family?”

“She already has three sons, so she should not be eligible to adopt a child,” another person said.



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