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Zooming in on 2024’s first presidential debate: despite rising tensions between the United States and China, the two candidates didn’t address China often, except on tariffs and trade deficit. We fact-check their claims.

The United States views China as threat number one. With that in mind, which China issues should have been in focus during the presidential debate? Retired Air Force Brigadier General Robert Spalding shares his take.

Concerns are rising that U.S. maritime power is on the decline, while China is working hard to catch up. Where do the two nations stand on sea power right now? An expert breaks it down.

The company Milwaukee Tool gets sued. A man in China claims the world-recognized power tool maker is tied to forced labor happening inside a Chinese prison. Milwaukee Tool denies the accusation.

00:00 Intro
01:17 Fact Check: Trump, Biden’s Claims on China Policy
04:21 What Is No. 1 China Issue the U.S. Needs to Address?
09:03 A Breakdown of the U.S.-China Maritime Power Competition
13:59 Milwaukee Tool Sued Over Ties to Forced Labor in China

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