China’s Leftover Women Distraught: 36-Year-Old With Master’s, Owns Home and Car, Remains Unmarried

Girls, do you know what it’s like to be 36, unmarried, and without a boyfriend? It’s not the independent, clear-headed heroine you might imagine. In reality, I’m afraid of dating, afraid of relationships, and can’t even think about marriage. It’s not because I’m not trying or that I’m not good enough. I have a master’s degree, started a business, and bought a house. But when it comes to marriage, I feel weak. I’ve gone on many blind dates, and just the thought of being judged for my age makes me not want to go again. Even if I meet someone I like and we get along well, if I show any temper, they’ll say, “You’re not young anymore. If you still don’t understand things and need me to coax you, why am I with you?” Because of my age, many things become intolerable. So, maybe love is something for the younger years, and if possible, it’s best to enter marriage when you’re young.
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