China Out of Money, Demands 30 Years’ Back Taxes From All! Sex Workers Arrested, Taxed by Police

In China’s rapidly declining economic situation, both the central and local governments are facing financial problems. Recently, a trend of “retroactive tax audits” has emerged across various local governments in China. Many business owners who once ran companies have been audited for the past thirty years and are required to pay back taxes. This wave of tax collection has also extended to many e-commerce influencers, internet celebrities, and even ordinary individuals, giving the impression that the government is eager to “harvest” from everyone.
Ningbo Bohui Chemical Technology was hit hard by this tax storm, with the local tax bureau demanding nearly 500 million yuan in back taxes. This hefty tax bill caused significant financial difficulties for the company, forcing it to announce a production halt.
On platform X, a user named “Unfinished China” shared a post featuring a photo of a group of women, who survived by prostitution, and being collectively arrested by the Chinese police. The reason behind their arrest was also tax-related.
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