China Doubles Down on Enlisting Rural Soldiers | China In Focus

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Could China be preparing for war on Taiwan? The communist country is enlisting soldiers nationwide, but why are they focused on recruiting in rural areas?
China’s state-backed cyber operation has been taken to new heights through American technology. Microsoft tracked down a number of foreign hackers hijacking the giant’s AI tools to sharpen their own skills.
Sparks flew in rural Ohio, with one resident declaring his city “infected with the cancer known as the Chinese Communist Party.” Pushback is mounting over a new Chinese-backed solar panel factory set to break ground there.
Indonesia is voting for a new leader. How will the next man in charge affect the U.S.-China power competition in the region?

00:00 Intro
01:00 China Regions Double Down on Enlisting Rural Soldiers
03:32 China-Backed Hackers Use OpenAI: Microsoft
05:01 ‘Grave Consequences’: Clement on CCP Infiltration
08:55 Ohio Locals Warn of China-Backed Solar Panel Plant
10:19 China Slips into Alternative Investment Category
11:15 Top House China Hawk to Visit Taiwan Next Week
11:57 Indonesia Casts Votes for a New President
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