As it happened: Hong Kong leader vows all-out bid to explain Article 23, says ‘many parts missing’ in security law and warns of troublemakers; focus also on mega events in Q&A

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Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu held a 90-minute question and answer session in the Legislative Council on Thursday, with the focus on the economic effects of Hong Kong hosting more large-scale events and progress on a home-grown national security law.

The city leader said in his opening remarks that national security threats were mounting and legislation for Basic Law Article 23 would serve Hong Kong better if it could be done “as early as possible”.

In the first part of his session, he explored with lawmakers how to attract more mega events to Hong Kong, use such activities to draw in more visitors and improve the overall tourist experience.

He spent the second half of the session discussing the relationship and compatibility between the Beijing-decreed national security law and the local legislation, a requirement under Article 23 of the city’s mini-constitution, the Basic Law.

Sources have told the Post the government plans to launch the consultation on the legislation in early February before Lunar New Year. Authorities will not adopt the white bill approach, in which the draft legislation is available during the consultation process.

This was the 10th exchange between Lee and lawmakers in the Legco chamber.

Reporting by Kahon Chan, Lilian Cheng, Jeffie Lam, Harvey Kong and Willa Wu


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